Get a Bikini Beach Body: Tips From An IFBB Pro

As an IFBB bikini pro bodybuilder, I understand the dedication and hard work it takes to get a bikini beach body for competitions. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or looking to take your physique to the next level, I’ve got you covered. In this post, I’ll be sharing my personal experience, knowledge, and expertise to help you achieve your fitness goals and become the best version of yourself. So let’s get started on this journey towards a winning bikini body!

My Number One Tip? YOUR DIET!

Abs are made in the kitchen. If you’re having a hard time shredding fat for the stage or need a meal plan designed to WIN competitions for you, you should download my 3 Week Jumpstart to Fatloss meal plan. This is the meal plan I have used for the past 10 years as a professional body builder & it has NEVER let me down. Using this meal plan, I have placed in every single competition I have entered.

3 week jumpstart to fatloss meal plan program

Tips for Getting A Bikini Beach Body for Competitions

1. Supercharge your metabolism. Drink water before every meal and prioritize protein. Water consumption is a fantastic aid to smoother digestion, and also lends itself to greater satiety, especially when combined with ample proteins at each sitting. 

2. Protein takes longer to digest and requires more energy than other macro nutrients. Therefore, it keeps you fuller feeling longer, in addition proteins are necessary building blocks for a leaner, sleeker physique. I personally LOVE Ironmade Nutrition for Protein Powder!

3. Consider laser for your bikini area and if not, perhaps a Brazilian wax would be beneficial. There is nothing worse than having to contend with daily shaves, especially when thinking of taking a plunge into the salty sea. If you’re in Memphis be sure to try Skinbody’s Laser Hair Removal service.

4. Forget about crunches and weighted ab work!! Lift heavy in the gym and if your midsection still doesn’t WOW, cut your calories in the kitchen and begin vacuums. The way to a six pack is Simple: be in a caloric deficit and learn to vacuum. Vacuuming is merely the isolation of your transverse abdominals a quick Google search and you will be on your way to a flatter sexier stomach.

5. Get a good spray tan. Before you hit the beach (or stage) consider arriving with a beautiful Sun-kissed glow. this, however, will not protect you from the suns harmful rays, but may help protect you from the glaring looks of others ha ha A Sun-kissed physique looks tighter, more toned and more defined than a pale one.

6. Spend time in the gym focusing on glute training. Your glutes are the largest muscle group on your body. It stands to reason that when you train them you will burn a boatload of calories (which equals potential fat-loss) and bring about bigger changes in your physique in the shortest amount of time . Besides, who doesn’t want a good looking peach?

7. If you’re still struggling with loose skin or stubborn fat take things to the next level by visiting a provider that offers the semaglutide shot, cool sculpting, and or Morpheus for the body. Our aesthetics industry has grown by leaps and bounds and it’s amazing the difference these technologies can make in finishing off our fit look! Much like supplements though if you haven’t taken the time to change your lifestyle—those changes obtained in an aesthetic providers office won’t be sustainable, so don’t chase them unless you’ve earnestly achieved your fittest body and are just seeking a nudge to the next level. If you’re in Memphis, I highly recommend Skinbody! Don’t forget to tell them I sent you!

8. To annihilate body fat eat in a caloric deficit. If you’re overweight, consider dropping 300 cal from your daily budget. the smartest healthiest way to do this would be to prioritize proteins and after that, eat, only whole natural foods, take all processed foods out of your diet. This should do the trick. Need some extra help? Try my 3 week jumpstart to Fat-loss meal plan! And don’t forget to check out my low calorie, high protein recipes – like this keto pizza recipe – on my blog!

9. Give fasted cardio a go!! Low intensity cardio on an empty stomach is one of the most efficient ways to cut body fat. Our bodies don’t have a lot of stored glycogen after a night of sleep. So it uses fat to get through the work out. Pro tip- sip on water throughout your cardio session. Bonus pro tip-begin your fasted cardio session within 15 minutes of waking to combat elevating cortisol levels.

10. Kill your cravings by having a cocktail of apple cider vinegar, water, and salt. Studies show that mixing 2 tablespoons with 8 ounces of water can curb your appetite. 

11. Hydrate! The benefits of water are -keeps your brain functioning properly, makes your skin healthy and beautiful AND flushes out toxins. But when trying to lose weight, it can curb your hunger and fill you up before meals. It can provide needed blood flow and muscle hydration before during and after exercise. Water can prevent water retention and bloating and help your digestive system work more efficiently. It also makes metabolic functioning more efficient. So stick to water, coffee and tea when possible staying heavy on the water.

12. Be confident! When you feel good it’s obvious to everyone if you’re at the beach or on stage you’re there to have a fantastic time! Just have fun and feel good about yourself nothing is better looking than that.

In conclusion, achieving a bikini beach body for competitions takes dedication, hard work, and a combination of various approaches. From supercharging your metabolism to effective glute training. In addition to physical aspects, mental health is also important, and being confident in your body and enjoying yourself is key. By implementing these tips and being consistent with them, anyone can achieve their fitness goals and become the best version of themselves. So let’s start this journey towards a healthier, happier, and more confident you!

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