How to Prepare for A Bikini Competition

A Bikini Bodybuilder’s Reverse Engineered Competition Timeline!

Are you wondering how to prepare for a bikini competition? If so, here is an in depth bikini competition prep timeline AND packing list from 3 months out to 3 days out from competition.

Prepare For A Bikini Competition 3 Months Out:

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Order your RAVISH SANDS suit: (use my code for a discount “Pamelaj”) Make sure you discuss suit details with your coach before ordering! There are many aspects of the suit cut and stoning that influence the final look on show day. DO NOT ORDER without asking your coach about “suit cut” and details. 

Hire and meet with a posing coach once a week until show day: PLEASE also discuss the hiring of your posing coach with your prep coach! This is super important. Your coach and posing coach should have a good working relationship and be in communication with each other regarding every aspect of your competition package. 

Order a pre tan kit appropriate for your competition.

Order show shoes. if you have not done so, I highly recommend ordering them from The Shoe Fairy. Use code “Pamelaj”for a discount!

Order 2 pairs of all jewelry. Earrings, bracelets, rings–trust me! I ordered from AMAZON. Super cheap and fast!

Order AMILEAN lotion to be used on those stubborn fatty areas!

Be sure and make that cardio and nutrition top priority!

Prepare for A Bikini Competition 2 Months Out:

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Secure a hotel room if needed.

Get and pay for your NPC card.

Register for classes.

Book your competition tanning.

Book your competition makeup.

Book your competition hair services.

Order clip in extensions if needed.

Be sure and make that nutrition and cardio top priority!

Prepare for A Bikini Competition 1 Month Out:

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Consult with a prep coach. Get your hair trimmed and colored appropriately.

Have a massage!

Be sure and make your nutrition and cardio top priority!

Prepare for A Bikini Competition 2 Weeks Out:

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Begin skin prep for your bikini competition tan and if you are going the  DIY route (Louann Coconut oil and brown sugar scrub), you can use Hemp original lotion all week too. Please use daily!

Prepare for A Bikini Competition 1 Week Out:

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Get your show nails done.

Get a wax no later than Tuesday of show week.

Bleach those teeth!

No more artificial sweeteners. And for that matter, it’s likely a good idea to stick with only whole foods. No dairy, no gluten, no nightshades–all low FODMAP if possible. 

Prepare for A Bikini Competition 3 Days Out:

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Start your packing! Here is a generic list for you:

-Sheets to put on the hotel room bed so you don’t soil theirs

-Towels to use for your Post Show shower

-Large (32 ounce) plastic cup for pee

-Tanning touch up kit

-Appropriate thread and needle (just in case) for your suit

-Fishing wire (just in case) for your suit connectors

-The Shoe Fairy shoes

-Ravish Sands compeition suit

-A Robe for backstage


-UNHIDE blanket

-Chargers for phone, headphones, computer

-Toothbrush, toothpaste, and flossers

-Hair and hair management products

-Sanitizing wipes for hands

-Face wipes for cleaning face after tanning

-Silk or jersey long sleeved pajamas for tanning

-Flip flops for tanning and backstage

-A cute outfit for check ins

-An outfit for post competition dinner


-Bands for pumping up

-Pump up foods 

Foods for travel

-A Tampon (just in case) and scissors to cut string 

-Nail glue- thank me later

-Hair spray

-Smooth moves teabags

-Salt packets


Remember, it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

I hope this helps you prepare for a bikini competition! If you’re looking for a posing coach, body building coach, or a lifestyle coach, check out my available programs here! If you’re looking for an easy, quick way to shed fat fast, download my 3 Week Jumpstart to Fatloss meal plan here! And lastly, if you would like to stay in touch, we sure to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest!

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