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$20 / Month

I like to train ladies one-on-one, but there are women who aren't able to get to me to work with me personally. I've adapted my personal workouts for those of you who don't have access to a gym and only have limited equipment.

If this sounds like you, the WHITEBOARD WORKOUT GROUP is the perfect solution! MY personal workout is provided for you every day along with a supportive community of like-minded ladies journeying towards the same goal. The energy in this group is fantastic and CONTAGIOUS, and has helped many women realize their fitness goals!

As an IFBB Bikini Pro Athlete,

my workouts are proven and coveted

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$50 One time purchase

3 Week Jumpstart to Fat Loss

In this guide I've shared a 3 week meal plan for you to use to shred fat FAST. This meal plan is the meal plan I PERSONALLY use to shred fat before competitions. 

If you're looking to shred fat quick--whether it's for your next competition or just your next beach trip--this is the fat loss guide for you. If you're ready to get lean and look amazing in your bikini, then what are you waiting for?? Go ahead and hit "download!"

This is MY personal nutrition program

The one that i use to shred fat for competitions

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If I can do it, You can too. 

As a Graves Disease Survivor, I spent most of my adult life

Without any energy, wondering if i would ever be able to comfortably move my body

Or jump on the trampoline with my kids. I was bedridden for years, telling myself I was too sick to ever live a fulfilling life. Until one day, I took my health into my own hands and decided that not even my sickness could hold me back anymore. 

Lifestyle, Bikini, and Wellness Coaching

$1200 / Quarter

In my one-on-one coaching programs, you and I work together to customize a plan that fits your lifestyle, your goals, and everything else that you're balancing in your life.

I'll be your personal fitness coach, your nutrition advisor, and your very own accountability buddy to keep you on track with your goals!

Let me design you a detailed roadmap

For your wellness renovation journey

Let's do this

$100 / Hour

Pose with a Pro

For ladies who've put the work in in the gym and in the kitchen, and are working to take home the trophy in their next competition.
I'll work with you personally to make you stand out on the stage and pose like a Pro!

With years of experience not only competing AND winning, but also acting as a judge at IFBB Bikini Pro competitions, I know exactly what judges are looking for. With this knowledge and experience, I can give you the edge you'll need on stage to take home the gold and secure those paid sponsorships. 

Ready to take home the trophy

at your next ifbb bikini competition?

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Special Offers

1 month free

Save $20 when you commit to 6 months of Whiteboard Workouts and purchase a copy of my Three Week Jumpstart to Fatloss Guide

2 months free

Save $40 when you commit to 12 months of Whiteboard Workouts and purchase a copy of my Three Week Jumpstart to Fatloss Guide

Cathie H., Memphis TN

“This has been wonderful. I didn’t think I would be able to do this because I am presently taking care of both of my parents - taking them to radiation, physical therapy, grocery shopping, and doctor appointments EVERY day! My only days off are Saturday afternoon and Sunday, so this was hard, but it has been life changing. Hopefully I will have help soon and I can do more!”

Anna D., Whitehall OH

"Of all the coaches and trainers I’ve had. I’ve only had 2 before you. You were the very best! You really genuinely cared about me. You were the most hands on even though we lived miles apart. You constantly asked for check in pics and were always a text or phone call away! Your workouts took me to the next level. Even the diet wasn’t too unbearable. You really challenged and changed me in such a short time. I couldn’t have done this without you. I am so grateful for you!”

DR. Reem AwWad, Memphis TN

“I was looking for guidance from an expert female trainer regarding building up my glutes. I wanted a female trainer who had knowledge and personal experience in this area. Once I met Pamela, I knew she was the one. I’ve been training with her for a few years and so grateful for all the wisdom and she has taught me."

Amaryllis N.

"When I came to you my body fat was not dropping at all. I had done everything I knew to do. Your plan was the MOST challenging I have ever done. It was one of the most physically and mentally challenging thing I have EVER endured! We made a lot of progress in a short amount of time. Everything else had failed me, you have been the ONLY coach that could dial me into this level. You saw changed happening that I could not see. I appreciate you believing and supporting me when I lost hope.

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