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Our society has become glute obsessed! However, focusing solely on aesthetics sells this super important muscle group short. Strong glutes can not only look amazing but can also help prevent us from having hip, knee, achilles, ankle, foot and lower back pain as well as help us run faster, cycle further, lift more and age gracefully. By understanding the anatomy of the glutes we can more effectively and appropriately begin training them to look both aesthetically pleasing, become more mechanically sound and metabolically active.
This E-Book by Pamela John will teach you glute-Specific training and how to employ abduction, external rotation and extension exercises for maximum hypertrophic effect.

21 Days to A Fresh Start

Need a push to get up off the couch and get back into a fitness routine?

With my "21 Days to a Fresh Start" fitness program, you'll be able to get started at home whenever you're ready. No monthly or quarterly financial commitment required. 

I developed this digital product to offer you a reset or a beginning whenever you need one, no matter what your time constraints are. No gym membership required--just a set of dumbells and some exercise bands. 

With this program, you'll have the tools to consistently pursue progress. Wherever you are in your journey, this is a great way to start fresh. No math to do for nutrition, no gym, just you, your goals and my roadmap. 

Featured Programs

Whiteboard Workouts

$20 per month

I've adapted my personal workouts for those of you who don't have access to a gym and only have limited equipment. MY personal workout is provided for you every day along with a supportive community of like-minded ladies journeying towards the same goal. The energy in this group is FANTASTIC!

3 Week Fat Loss Jump Start

$50 one time purchase

This is my personal nutrition program, the one I use to effectively shred fat for IFBB competitions. I have taken the most effective pieces that I've been given over the years from the worlds best coaches and placed them right here in one easy-to-follow, in-depth guide.

Special Offers

1 month free

Save $20 when you commit to 6 months of Whiteboard Workouts and purchase a copy of my Three Week Jumpstart to Fatloss Guide

2 months free

Save $40 when you commit to 12 months of Whiteboard Workouts and purchase a copy of my Three Week Jumpstart to Fatloss Guide

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