Fitness Tips, Tricks, and Wisdom: Let it Go

Cardio “Let it Go’s”

Ever go to the gym and look around at all the people on the various pieces of cardio equipment and notice most have something in common? And it happens to be the worst thing you can do… they are holding on to the hand rails of the STEPMILL & TREADMILL (if on an incline)… WHY?? So please, let it go? Use your body to stabilize and move with proper biomechanics (the way God intended), lean into your hill- USE YOUR GLUTES, hammies, quads and calves NOT the railings or the top part of the treadmill! Using the railings ruins natural body alignment, reduces the number of calories burned and the effects of the incline and speed on your treadmill.

Abs “Let it Go’s”

And speaking of “letting go” you may want to do that with the weights you are using for ab work, unless of course you are into thick blocky abs and waist. After all, muscles grow when we add resistance training yes? And abdominals are muscles, are they not? Some men, understandably want more deeply etched, blockier abdominal muscles but as a female I haven’t ever seen thick blocky abs on anyone and been envious. Most women aspire to a tight waist with a flat stomach and visible musculature which can be achieved with mostly heavy compound lifts alone and to achieve “Next Level ABS” one can do a few strategic abdominal exercises each week UNWEIGHTED.

“Let it Go:” Weight Myths

Yet another thing to “LET GO” of is light weights and the belief that they are the only way to get “TONED” but not bulky. Take a look at my clientele, do they look BULKY or MANLY? They lift heavy (as do I) and aim for progressive overload. If you have been at it for a while and are frustrated that you aren’t seeing REAL CHANGE you may want to consider enlisting in the help of a professional (trainer) who can help you assess you strength and assist you in building a more effective program. Back to “toning” there is no such thing as TONING for the muscle. You likely prefer the look of a fit person who lifts very much like I have described but you may carry fat in your thighs or glutes which has you thinking you will “bulk up” in those areas if you work them out HARD. THIS IS JUST NOT TRUE! Inbox me for help!

“Let it Go:” Too Much Cardio

Let all of that EXCESSIVE CARDIO you have been doing GO mama!! It is the reason you remain “skinny fat”. Cardio ALONE causes the body to become efficient at cardiovascular activities and does not create beautiful shapely muscles. Studies have shown that cardio alone is not effective at burning fat-you need muscle for that, the more lean tissue you have the more energy your body expends ALL OF THE TIME. Strength training FIRST amended with light cardio 2-3 times a week is usually ample and a realistic activity schedule for the body you desire.


Lastly, NOT A “LET IT GO” but a “PLEASE START” paying attention to your posterior chain in the gym. The posterior chain is all of the muscles on the backside of the body. It is the Mecca, the powerhouse of the anatomy and includes some of the largest and potentially strongest muscles. Having a strong posterior chain helps reduce your chance of injury, especially as you age. Most focus on Anterior muscles or “vanity” muscles- those they can see in the mirror. Do not be one of those people! The mark of an effective athlete is a well developed POSTERIOR CHAIN!!

Remember, you are stronger than you think and I am rooting for you!! Feel free to inbox me if you have any questions regarding your health and fitness journey! I DO NOT DO COOKIE CUTTER FITNESS and for that reason I only accept a limited number of clients so please be patient if I cannot get you on my roster immediately! I look forward to being a part of your journey!

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