The Cost Of Becoming A Bikini Body Builder

On this weeks Facebook live we shared the first of a 4 part series on NPC Bikini Competitions- the most recent being how to get started titled, “So you want to compete?”.


You need to decide first and foremost are you a self-starter and do you have the time to invest in researching the industry or would you rather pay for an expert in the field to fast track you through your first competitions?

Having a coach can cut out a ton of frustration and grant clarity with respect to diet and training protocols. Your goal should be putting on quality muscle and reducing body fat through lifting and cardiovascular activity and when closer to competition time you will drop fat levels by dialing in nutrition while in prep (the short way of saying “competition preparation” mode).

If you opt to not work with a coach I suggest surfing the web for programs like my “Whiteboard Workout group” that offer bikini competitors workout routines OR find your favorite bikini competitors and their coaches follow them on social media, you can learn a lot this way. Either way, coached or not you should listen to all of the great Bikini podcasts out there; Confessions of a Bikini Pro by Celeste Raines Turk, Bikini Diaries by N’aiyma Thompson, and or Bikini and the Brain with Ashely Kaltwasser and Adam Bonilla- all wonderful and all informative.

Soak up as much info as you possibly can. Know that it can be done, the whole taking it on yourself but it is ALOT. I googled my favorite bikini competitors routines (or at least what they claimed to be their routines) and went from there. Later I found a person to write me a nutrition plan as I learned I was nowhere lean enough though I was a size 2 with visible abs.

The conditioning required for stage is deceptively difficult to achieve especially without guidance as we tend to see ourselves in a skewed way and our loved ones will tell us that we undoubtedly look GREAT, but every day great and “competition level” great are COMPLETELY different beasts. So coach or no that is your first decision to make.


Next will be which federation will you compete in? There are MANY federations but in my opinion obviously, the NPC/IFBB is the most competitive and popular federation but you could consider the WBFF, OCB, INBA… The WBFF is more of a costumed or themed beauty pageant in a bikini, the OCB and INBA are both all natural divisions which require a polygraph test and drug test. The rules and regulations are different for each federation. Everything from the bikini regulations, the shoes and accessories accepted/required, to mandatory posing requirements-each is different. Learn everything you can about the respective federation YOU choose.


Now that you have some ideas as to what you’d like to do and which federation you want to compete in we will talk BUDGET. I can only share perspective on NPC/IFBB budgeting here, I would suspect WBFF and INBA would be quite a bit more costly with the costuming, and travel required to compete. Here is an estimated breakdown:

  • Coach— $100-500+ per month or more
  • Tanning– $100-135 for your competition tan
  • Shoes/Accessories– $100
  • Hair (extensions/wig)– $100-1000
  • Make up artist– $100-150
  • Stage photos– $100
  • Competition Bikini– $350-1700
  • Competition Entry Fees– $125-150 or more and if you crossover 75 or more for each division
  • Hotel for 3 evenings $300–or more
  • Supplements each month– $150 or more

As you can see you’ve spent a minimum of $1600 on ONE competition (this figure includes only ONE month of coaches fees and the hotel for 3 evenings). Not a cheap hobby but definitely one that is super rewarding. I personally am deeply passionate about and totally enmeshed in this lifestyle and enamored with my NPC/IFBB family. IF you have questions about competing or need a coach, I am your gal! Message me and SUBSCRIBE to my blog/website. You won’t want to miss any of the great information I share. ALSO- please drop me a comment letting me know what you’d like to hear from me and SHARE or send your friends interested in competing this blog.

More to come NEXT WEEK on Bikini Competitions! If you’re looking for the perfect meal plan to help you shred fat FAST for the stage, be sure to purchase my 3 Week Jumpstart to Fatloss meal plan today!

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