4 Steps to Winning and Achieving Your Goals

1. Have a grateful HEART!

Goodness attracts goodness so spread that ish far and wide!! If your love isn’t reciprocated, move on! NO HARM, NO FOUL! I have loved many who did not love me back immediately, some of my better relationships were born this way. I loved Ironmade Nutrition long before they ever even knew I existed! A friend introduced me to their CBD gummies and when I ordered the owner sent me samples of other items. I was hooked — for life!!! Just ask Don! We have been together for more than a couple of years now- his is the ONLY protein powder I put into my body and I recommend their products to ALL of my athletes. I am proud to be affiliated with IRONMADE NUTRITION so much so that I asked to have a discount code to offer my clients “PamelaJ” so that he knows how much I love his superior quality products and appreciate him and his support and generosity.

2. Align with companies that can help you time hack.

Are you struggling with your scheduling? Not able to fit it all in. WORK, GYM TIME, CARDIO, PROPER NUTRITION, CHILD CARE, SPOUSE CARE- lol! Seek out companies that can help you solve those issues. If it’s GYM TIME- find a coach who can write your programming and nutrition for you to take the guesswork out of effective protocols- HELLOOOOOO Coach Pamela John!!

If CARDIO- pre plan sessions on Sunday for the week, ensuring you get up early enough to get it done or have ample time in the afternoons/evenings to make it happen… buy a spin bike on Facebook Marketplace!! DONEZO!!

NUTRITION got you down? Contact my favorite meal prep company Cisco’s Prep (Click on the link or call Francisco 901-462-5889) and do yourself the favor of at least ordering your proteins for a few weeks until you have the game plan down pat.

3. Develop a tribe that enables you success.

But be forewarned, it takes a little time and effort. Nobody is going to do that for you! TIP: Find people who have successfully achieved whatever it is that you are aiming for and ask them how they did it! I have found that most successful people want to share the hacks they have discovered! But you MUST ask!

Have gut issues? Find “gut healers” on instagram and inbox them. I bet they can point you in a direction to help! Want to do an NPC competition? Search hashtags on IG or google NPC competitions and your city. We have a WEALTH of knowledge at our fingertips on these little devices we own!

4. Make yourself, YOUR TIME a NON-NEGOTIABLE!

If your aim is to be successful at ANYTHING you must surround yourself with successful people. Carve out time to be in the presence of those who are in the process of accomplishing (or have ALREADY accomplished) what you are aiming for. Do this for all of your most important GOALS

! Fitness mentor (COACH), financial mentor (ADVISOR), business mentor, health mentor/advocate (WELLNESS CONSULTANT)… you get the picture. Life is what you make of it, accept nothing less than the best and you’ll rise to the TOP!!

What is your current struggle? Drop me a comment and if I can help, I will!

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