Who Am I To Be Amazing? Let’s Talk About Imposter Syndrome.

Well, do you? Think that you couldn’t possibly start that business, lose that weight, nail that audition, write that book, give that speech or even ace that job interview??? You are in good company!! In fact some of the greatest, biggest names also suffer from this. Think, Tom Hanks, Lady Gaga, CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz, Real Estate Mogul Barbara Corcoran and even famous actor and author- Tina Fey… so relax, you are in good company.

According to VERYWELL mind Impostor sybndrome (IS) “refers to an internal experience of believing that you are not as competent as others percieve you to be. While this definition is usually narrowly applied to intelligence and achievement, it has links to perfectionism and the social context.” Can you relate?

I was speaking with my Co-Coach Erica Dudek when she confided in me that about 2-3 weeks out from a competition she begins to feel unprepared to take the stage after prepping and being coached along the way and told she is perfectly on track and looking the part, despite all that and in defiance of all logic she has wavering and sometimes crippling doubts. Guess what folks, this too, is a form of impostor syndrome. “Who me? I am NOT ready!! NO WAY!!” you may say even though all of the data and your coaches discerning eye say you DEFINITELY ARE. Dare I confess that I too have these thoughts ALMOST EVERY SINGLE TIME! My interdal dialogue goes something like this: “Oh no…. I am not nearly lean enough! What can I do? I am not ready… Oh no oh no- I have signed a CONTRACT!! Will I be ready on time? Will I be able to bring it all in on time for stage???!!!”

It turns out the cure for IS is taking ACTION. All of the magic lies on the other side of our made-up fear. It oftentimes isnt even about the destination, the trophy, the job, the role, the competition… but about the person you become in the process of the pursuit of that goal. I am going to share some of the coping mechanisims that have helped me cope with my impostor syndrome. I hope you will find them useful as well.

  1. Feel the fear and do it anyway.
  2. Don’t compare! Stay in your own lane-don’t do things just because others are. For example- don’t stalk your competitions instagram pages in the name of INSPIRATION because you will inevitably begin comparing and that is more harmful than helpful. Each athlete, author, actor and entrepreneur is unique and to compare your journey to theirs is never healthy when they undoubtedly are 1000% a totally different person in a 180 degree different place and comparisons like that are just not healthy. Keep your head down, tune into YOU an your own WHY and grind it out.
  3. Live out an ABUNDANCE mentality. Instead of saying things like “There’s no way I could be an OLYMPIAN- I am too old, nobody my age or in my state of health has ever done that!!” Adopt the train of thought that the perfect time is NOW and my God is LIMITLESS! If He has given me a dream- He has also provided me with the means to achieve it!! I only need to live out that dream in FAITH. Whatever your dream is embrace it and take action! Believing that the right people will be attracted into your life because you are taking faithful action. Be honest, authentic and vulnerable and you will find there is more than enough goodness to go around.
  4. Stop looking and start DOING. Just take ACTION even if it is messy and not perfect, that is just the way you learn life’s most valuable lessons, not from sitting idly by spectating. The most successful people are those who commit 100%. Even if not wildly successful by society’s standards you will gain wisdom, confidence, and grit on your journey.
  5. If your goals make you feel “‘some kind of way” GOOD!! Are you scared, anxious or nervous about your goals? That is perfectly natural. If you fear it and long for it, keep moving toward it. The nervousness and discomfort will subside with action and momentum. KEEP GOING!!
  6. Remind yourself its a disservice to others to keep your light, work, gifts and magic hidden. Really think about that one. Don’t be selfish and hoard your light, your magic- the unique one-of-a-kind way that only you can serve others. Every one of us is here to help and serve, to make the world a better place in his or her own way. We need each other to be brave and bold enough to put our gifts out there.

If this has touched you or helped you please share it with others. You never know who may need a nudge or nugget 🙂

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